About us

LumaBridge is an oncology-focused clinical CRO, designing and executing innovative clinical trial solutions for emerging biopharma companies.

Shot of two young scientists using a laptop in a laboratory

Our mission

Create a culture of high-performing teams in partnership with our stakeholders to advance the development of promising medical therapies and technologies for the benefit of patients.

Our promise

LumaBridge is a clinical contract research organization (CRO) that will provide the innovative trial solutions, strategic partnership, and attention necessary to bring life-changing therapies to patients.

Our history

A legacy of innovation

For us, science and patient well-being are the central mission—a mission rooted in our founders’ more than 30 years of experience in academic and military research.

LumaBridge (formerly Cancer Insight) was founded by cancer immunotherapy pioneer Dr. George Peoples, who founded the Cancer Vaccine Development Program (CVDP) in 2000. The CVDP has developed several vaccines since its founding, including 5 that have been licensed out to industry partners. In 2014, Dr. Peoples retired from the military and formed Cancer Insight, a commercial partner to the academic CVDP.

Our approach

A scientific, academic, and commercial perspective

To deliver clinical CRO services that exceed expectations, we operate collaboratively and bring a diverse set of capabilities and perspectives to each trial. By leveraging our experience in academia and business strategy, we are able to help our sponsors turn ideas into solutions for the benefit of both patients and biopharma companies.

Because of our deep knowledge of and commitment to science, we offer honest guidance about what will work for each potential therapy, either confirming the original intent or identifying a more suitable target population, therapeutic area, or tumor type.

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