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Cancer Insight Is Now LumaBridge

San Antonio, TX – August 23, 2022 – Cancer Insight, an oncology-focused clinical research organization (CRO), today introduced a new corporate identity: LumaBridge. As LumaBridge, the company will continue to build on its legacy of supporting the development of novel immunotherapies in the fight against cancer.

LumaBridge was founded in 2014 as Cancer Insight by veterans Dr. George Peoples and Dan Hargrove, who bring more than 30 years of combined experience in academic and military research. LumaBridge has since grown to serve as a trusted partner in creating innovative clinical trial solutions, committed to providing the guidance, attention, and flexibility needed to advance oncology therapies and benefit patients.

The LumaBridge name change reflects the company’s vision for working hand-in-hand with emerging biopharma companies and lighting a path forward to the development of life-changing immunotherapy cancer treatments. With empathetic partners and experienced researchers engaged from beginning to end, LumaBridge delivers full outsourced support for clinical trials, working efficiently to make groundbreaking advancements in immuno-oncology. The company’s comprehensive CRO services include clinical data management, regulatory affairs, clinical operations, and special capabilities in government/military contracts and funding.

Building on a legacy of innovation, LumaBridge is advancing novel immunotherapies in the fight against cancer.  Visit the new LumaBridge website and explore their rebranding here.

About LumaBridge

LumaBridge is a specialty clinical research organization (CRO) focused on creating innovative clinical trial solutions for biopharma companies. Founded in 2014 as Cancer Insight, the company offers customized clinical trial guidance, strategic partnership, and personalized attention to each sponsor, accelerating the development of potential therapies.

LumaBridge builds on the success and experience of a seasoned team, led by Dr. George Peoples, to support drug development, accelerating therapies to patients and guiding biopharma companies through clinical and regulatory pathways. As part of their comprehensive CRO services, LumaBridge offers consultation on trial design and clinical development strategy.

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